Une guerre contre les drogues: une guerre contre les hommes – Une campagne sur Facebook

17 décembre 2010

IDPC, along with a number of organisations, marked Human Rights Day 2010 (December 10) by launching “The War on Drugs: A War on People” Facebook campaign. Concerned by the proliferating number of human rights abuses that occur under the auspices of the war on drugs, the campaign draws attention to the drug users, “social deviants”, minorities, young people and innocent people caught in the cross fire, whom are among the millions of individuals that have been denied basic human rights during the nearly 50 years of the war on drugs.

Each month, the page will highlight a different type of human rights abuse carried out under the drug prohibition regime. While the supporting organisations have different drug policy objectives and views, we are unified in our effort to stop human rights abuses in the name of the war on drugs. Please help us by spreading the word and joining the movement!

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