Este manual está dirigido a personas con VIH y con mayor riesgo de contraer el virus, así como a sus parejas y familiares, y explica, paso a paso, cómo comportarse cuando se produce una situación en que se violan sus derechos, la forma de documentarlo y cómo buscar ayuda. 

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This handbook was written by a team of legal experts and reviewed by community activists working for improving the human rights situation of people with HIV and key populations most at risk of HIV. It is intended for people with HIV, people who are at higher risk of HIV, as well as their partners and family members.

The handbook describes, step by step, how to behave when a rights violation occur, how to document it and how to seek help – directly from the authorities, or with the free help of legal professionals. It is supplemented by a set of user-friendly forms and free legal aid contracts. This handbook was designed for the legal systems of the countries in Eastern Europe and the CIS. It is available in English and Russian.

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