Este proyecto, financiado por el Programa de Aprendizaje Permanente Grundtvig, persigue documentar ejemplos de buenas prácticas en distintos países europeos y desarrollar formaciones para promover el empleo y la (re)integración social. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

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Foundation The Rainbow Group - and in its extension Correlation - coordinate the European project INWORK - Meaningful work and (re)integration programmes for marginalised and vulnerable groups.

This project, which is financed by the Life Long Learning Grundtvig Programme, will identify and document best practice examples in different European countries and develop training and skill buidling tools to promote work and (re)integration fo marginalised and vulnerable groups.

In order to create a broad European database and resource centre we are currently searching for relevant information and best practice examples in the field of work and (re)integration. This information and best practice examples should focus on alternative work and (re)integration programmes and social firms, which are specifically targeting homeless people, drug users, people with psychiatric disorders and/or detainees/prisoners.

If you run a relevant programme in this field or know any other organisation, which is doing so, please send us some information and share your knowledge with us. We will then contact you for more background information and include your information in our resource centre.

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