Este libro de datos presenta información clara y fiable sobre temas importantes de salud pública y de justicia penal. 

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Drug War Facts provides reliable information with applicable citations on important public health and criminal justice issues. It appears in longer form at where it is updated regularly by Editor Douglas A. McVay.

Most charts, facts, and figures are from government sources, government-sponsored sources, peer-reviewed journals, and occasionally newspapers. In all cases the source is cited so that journalists and students can verify, check context, and obtain additional information.

For the Sixth Edition, data has been added from a variety of sources, statistical material which appeared in earlier editions has been updated, and the number of topics has increased.

Our mission is to offer useful facts, cited from authoritative sources, for a debate that is too often characterized by myths, error, emotion, and dissembling. We believe that in time an informed society will correct its errors and adopt wiser policies.

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