Una muerte lenta: la guerra contra las drogas en Indonesia


Una muerte lenta: la guerra contra las drogas en Indonesia

8 diciembre 2015

La Red Indonesia de Usuarios de Drogas (IDUN) y Drug Reporter han producido un breve documental sobre las consecuencias negativas que está teniendo la renovada guerra contra las drogas entre la población indonesia, y en especial entre los grupos más vulnerables. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

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In early 2015, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, stated that Indonesia was in a state of emergency due to rampant drug use and declared a renewed ‘war on drugs’. In practice, this led to increased funding for law enforcement and a series of punitive measures that have exacerbated the problem instead of addressing it.

PKNI and Drugreporter now launch their new documentary film in 4 cities across Indonesia ahead of World AIDS Day 2015.

The short documentary film Dying a Slow Death: Inside Indonesia's Drug War, produced by the Indonesian Drug Users Network (PKNI) and the Drugreporter, documents the first-hand impacts of the drug war as experienced by the community itself. The documentary features testimony and interviews with people who use drugs, methadone patients, academics and religious leaders, and was filmed and conceived by local drug user community activists. Beginning with the execution of 14 drug traffickers earlier this year, the film details how Indonesia is sliding toward compulsory drug treatment, increased extortion and bribery, while creating more barriers to access of health and support services.

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