Una creciente revolución: la reforma de las políticas de drogas en todo el mundo


Una creciente revolución: la reforma de las políticas de drogas en todo el mundo

27 noviembre 2014

La organización Estudiantes Canadienses por una Política de Drogas Sensata (CSSDP) organiza su VII Conferencia Nacional Anual, que ofrece un espacio para compartir ideas, intercambiar conocimientos y organizar futuras acciones.

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Canadian Students For Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP) will be hosting its 7th Annual National Conference, “A Rising Revolution: Drug Policy Reform Around the Globe.” The CSSDP Annual National Conference is the only national drug policy conference in Canada. In conjunction with the Toronto CSSDP Chapter, this interdisciplinary event will provide a platform for youth, students, researchers, service providers, people who use drugs, and allies to share ideas, exchange knowledge, and organise for future actions.

A Rising Revolution will discuss alternatives to prohibition including decriminalisation, legalisation, and regulation. There will also be a focus on evidence-based public health solutions, such as pragmatic harm reduction and treatment approaches. Some topics that will be covered during the conference include global drug policy reform, the international drug control regime (including the upcoming United Nations Special Session on Drugs in 2016), cannabis legalisation and medicinal use, nightlife harm reduction, and studies of the use of psychedelic drugs in medicine.

RSVP on Facebook or reserve your ticket on Eventbrite today! Keep up to date by checking www.cssdp.org for more information as the conference approaches.

CSSDP is now welcoming research-based abstracts for presentations and panel themes, as well as for a variety of alternative session formats including workshops, demonstrations, poster sessions and roundtable discussions.

All proposals should include:

  • Your information (name, contact information, and any organizational or academic affiliation(s))
  • Title and type of presentation
  • Abstract or short summary of ideas (300 words maximum)

Please send all completed submissions to contact@cssdp.org by Monday, January 5, 2015.

Please also send an email if you are interested in volunteering to assist in organizing the conference and/or during the weekend of the conference.

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