El pasado 8 de octubre, el IDPC presentó una serie de pruebas de todo el mundo y recomendaciones para el desarrollo de políticas de drogas eficaces y humanas en la Conferencia de Ministros de Control de Drogas de la Unión Africana. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

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In January 2008 the African Union (AU) launched a Plan of Action on Drug Control and Crime Prevention (2007-2012). The Plan acknowledged the “need for a comprehensive approach”, and aimed to “reverse the current trends of drug abuse and trafficking, organised crime, corruption, terrorism and related challenges to socio-economic development and human security”.

The AU Conference of Ministers of Drug Control is meeting on 8th to 12th October to review the progress made, and is expected to adopt a new AU Plan of Action on Drug Control (2013 - 2017).

On Monday 8th October, IDPC made a presentation at the AU meeting, presenting global evidence on drug policy and the recommendations included in the IDPC Advocacy Note directed at the African Union (available in English and French).

For more information, please read IDPC's presentation below.

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