Youth RISE – the global youth-led network for reducing the risks and harms associated with substance use – is seeking volunteers from around the world to join their ‘International Working Group’ (IWG) in 2010. The Youth RISE IWG provides leadership for the organisation and the Youth RISE Management Team, and consists of motivated young activists working in harm reduction who each contribute their unique and regional perspectives to the development and effectiveness of the network.

Youth RISE aims to increase the engagement and social inclusion of young people in the policies and decisions that affect their lives. It advocates for effective harm reduction programmes and policies for young people, and works across five core themes – improving harm reduction knowledge, challenging discriminatory policies, creating effective harm reduction services, increasing research and evidence on youth and harm reduction, increasing training opportunities, and addressing street children and youth.

IWG members must be able to maintain continuous communication (in English) with the network staff and members, travel to international meetings and conferences, have frequent internet access and the ability to attend teleconferences. To apply, please complete the application form below and submit your resume and/or short biography to by 27th December 2010 at 17h00 GMT.