Forum Droghe évalue le modèle italien de distribution de naloxone, en démontrant qu’il est peu coûteux, durable et qu’il sauve des vies. Pour en savoir plus, en anglais, veuillez lire les informations ci-dessous.

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From the mid 90s in Italy the distribution of naloxone (Take Home Naloxone, THN) to people who use drugs (PWUDs) and their family and friendship networks, has been implemented: nowadays 57 harm reduction services distribute naloxone all over the Country, even if not in every Region. The research “Preventing opioid overdose deaths. A research on the Italian naloxone distribution model” is the first study on THN experience in Italy carried out by Forum Droghe with the collaboration of Eclectica, a research body, and three Public Addiction Departments (ASL 2, and ASL 3 in Turin and ASL 1 in Naples). It is a quant-qualitative research based on a dual perspective, from both health workers and PWUD, which analyzes and evaluates strong and weak points in the Italian model of THN. The results of the study show that THN is effective, sustainable, cheap and identifies how THN practices work together to increase awareness of risks, skills for intervention and self-efficacy among PWUDs, in a respectable process of social learning and health promotion. It demonstrates also the basic lack of risks or side effects to its feasibility and sustainability.              

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