Cette étude vise à évaluer la mise en œuvre de cette recommandation et la disponibilité des services de réduction des risques dans l’UE. Pour en savoir plus, veuillez lire les informations ci-dessous (en anglais).

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The report on the current state of play of the Council Recommendation of 18 June 2003 on the prevention and reduction of health-related harm associated with drug dependence PDF has been finalised. The report results of the work of experts from Gesundheit Österreich Forschungs - und Planungsgesellschaft mbH (GÖ FP GmbH) and SOGETI, in close collaboration with EAHC, EMCDDA, DG SANCO, and DG JUST.

It presents the updated overview of the implementation of the Council Recommendation in the EU countries, Croatia and several candidate countries, including country profiles, as well as analyses of regional and EU epidemiological trends.The study also assesses the availability of - access to- and -coverage of- harm reduction measures based on the answers to a policy survey.

The available scientific evidence regarding interventions to prevent and reduce health-harms associated with drug dependence was analysed and five systematic Literature Reviews PDF were produced.

The epidemiological background data, using data available at the EMCDDA, as well as other relevant information, and trends from 2003 to 2011 were analysed as well as main trends in availability and coverage of harm reduction measures introduced by the Council.

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