La règlementation juridique du cannabis doit éviter à tous prix de perpétuer l'exclusion des personnes les plus affectées par la guerre contre les drogues, notamment les communautés noires. Pour en savoir plus, en Anglais, veuillez lire les informations ci-dessous.

Blaksox, Transform Drugs Policy Foundation, Operation Black Vote & Stopwatch come together, supported by Father 2 Father, Manhood Academy Global & Viv Ahmun to organise a ground breaking panel on UK Drugs policy reform hosting Shaleen Title, an Attorney and Drugs Commissioner from the US . Book your place now!

Black people are nine times more likely to be stopped and searched for drugs. In the capital, the chances of a BAME person being arrested for the possession of cannabis is 3.4 times that of a white person. Taking cannabis out of the hands of street dealers and putting it behind the counter in shops with security guards and ID requirements would help protect those under 18."

David Lammy MP

Our community has disproportionately suffered from the UK’s irrational drugs legislation (violence, criminalisation and mental ill health). We must ensure that when the UK’s drugs legislation finally catches up with the rest of the progressive world, our young men and the wider black community do not miss out on the financial returns to be had from taxation and business opportunities, as we have seen in America.”

Viv Ahmun, Founder Blaksox