Formation sur les politiques en matière de drogues de l’IDPC et l’EHRN à Vilnius


Formation sur les politiques en matière de drogues de l’IDPC et l’EHRN à Vilnius

10 mai 2013

L’IDPC et l’EHRN animeront une séance de formation d'une journée lors de la Conférence Internationale sur la Réduction des Risques à Vilnius, où ils lanceront également un outil de formation sur les politiques en matière de drogues. Postulez dès maintenant! Pour en savoir plus, en anglais, veuillez lire les informations ci-dessous.

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IDPC and EHRN have been working together to develop a comprehensive Drug Policy Training Toolkit, which aims to build the capacity of civil society organisations around the world – helping them to understand, engage with, and influence drug policy making processes at all levels. It covers the areas of drug policy, civil society advocacy and harm reduction, and provides a broad menu of activities and content from which a facilitator can pick and choose the ones which best suit the context, audience and timeframe.

The Toolkit will be lauched at the 2013 International Harm Reduction Conference in Vilnius, and IDPC and EHRN will deliver a one-day ‘sample’ training event on Thursday 13th June.

The training will be in English, and there are around 20 places available for applicants from across the world. It will cover a selection of activities from all four modules of the Toolkit:

  • Module 1: The current drug control system
  • Module 2: Effective drug policy: What needs to change?
  • Module 3: Harm reduction advocacy
  • Module 4: Civil society engagement in drug policy advocacy

To apply, send the application form and your CV to

The closing date for applications is Saturday 5th May 2013!!

Read more information and applications in the form below.

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