Penal Reform International examina la situación de las personas encarceladas alrededor del mundo, notando que la población carcelaria aumenta al tiempo que las tasas de criminalidad caen. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.  

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The Global Prison Trends 2017 report by Penal Reform International, in collaboration with the Thailand Institute of Justice, provides a window to one of the least visible and least accessible government sectors, while highlighting some of the most intractable correctional issues for policy makers across the world. Prison overcrowding, inhumane treatment and the rising number of vulnerable groups of prisoners are problems that have long been listed as primary challenges when it comes to prison management. Yet the problems still persist in many parts of the world today, necessitating a new perspective and approach for criminal justice reforms.

Despite the drop in global crime rates, global prison populations continue to rise. It was estimated that one third of the global prison population are on remand and 18 per cent of convicted prisoners are in prison for drug-related offences. The number of women in prisons across the world has also risen by 50 per cent since 2000.

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