II Conferencia Mundial sobre la Ayahuasca - Brasil AYA2016


II Conferencia Mundial sobre la Ayahuasca - Brasil AYA2016

3 febrero 2016

Este encuentro multidisciplinario reunirá a destacados científicos, especialistas jurídicos, profesionales, ambientalistas y otros expertos interesados en todos los temas relacionados con la ayahuasca. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

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ICEERS is a philantropic, government recognized, tax-exempt, non-profit organization based in the Netherlands.

For thousands of years, indigenous and pre-industrial societies mastered special plant species, known for its psychoactive properties, through religious and ritual use, to address medical, psychological and social issues critical to social relations and survival. The importance and scope of these plant species for the human family, as tools for personal and social development, cannot be overstated. In response to the current social indigence, ICEERS works to answer the desperate cry for more dynamic and efficient solutions to public health with an integrative use of these ethnobotanicals. In the last decade, the interest and use of ayahuasca has expanded exponentially. This phenomenon has both activated the advancement of scientific research into its effects, risks and therapeutic potential, as well as serious legal, ethical and sustainability challenges.

The next edition of the World Ayahuasca Conference - AYA2016 will be held in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, the Brazlian epicenter of ayahuasca.
On March, 1 ICEERD will launch the conference website with all the information and details about the event. To keep informed on the latest updates, please visit this page.

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