Mesa redonda sobre producción de cultivos de drogas, pobreza y desarrollo


Mesa redonda sobre producción de cultivos de drogas, pobreza y desarrollo

26 enero 2016

En esta mesa redonda sobre la producción de cultivos de drogas, la pobreza y el desarrollo participarán investigadores, agricultores y artistas que son expertos en este campo. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

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Save the date for Tuesday, February 9th from 3pm-8pm at the Open Society Foundation offices (224 West 57th Street) for a discussion on the topic of drug crop production, poverty and development.

Open Society Foundations will be hosting two back-to-back panel discussions featuring researchers, growers and artists who are experts in this field. The afternoon will also feature two short documentary screenings and a photography exhibit capturing the experiences of coca growers.

At the event, we will be launching the latest report in our UNGASS series titled Drug Crop Production, Poverty and DevelopmentThe briefing paper presents cultivation of crops declared illicit (also known as drug crops) as a development issue, not a criminal or security issue, and discusses the need to incorporate cultivation into the goals of sustainable, rights-based, empowering development. The author of the report will present key findings and discuss its implications.

The event will also feature presentation of the official declaration from the 2nd annual Growers Forum taking place in Amsterdam this week.

A detailed agenda is forthcoming.

Please RSVP to Mariam Tanzilla

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