Formación de EHRN sobre prevención y gestión de las sobredosis


Formación de EHRN sobre prevención y gestión de las sobredosis

29 mayo 2014

La formación se centrará en la prevención y el tratamiento de las sobredosis en las cárceles y tras la salida de estas.

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The Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN), as an implementing partner of the Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main Project “CARE – Quality and Continuity of Care for Drug Users in Prisons”, is organising a training on overdose prevention in prisons and upon release on 7 - 8 July, 2014, in Vilnius, Lithuania.

This training is a result of two European Commission (EC) reports which concentrate on the mapping of existing overdose (OD) prevention and management programmes for released prisoners in Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary and Romania, as well as, the provision of a Fact Sheet which considers best practice models.

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Vilnius, Lithuania
Inicio6 julio 2014
Finalizar7 julio 2014


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