El gobierno británico mantiene su oposición a esta intervención de reducción de daños. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo. 

By Mark McGivern/Daily Record

Peter Krykant aims to reduce Scotland's shameful drugs death toll but Police Scotland vow to enforce draconian Westminster laws and clamp down on his bid to help addicts.

Drugs activist Peter Krykant is risking jail after launching the UK’s first - and illegal - mobile drug consumption facility.

People who inject heroin and cocaine in Glasgow have been invited to step out of dingy, needle strewn back alleys and into his clean and safe converted mini-bus.

He admits he could face being arrested but is taking his own action over the lack of it at Government level.

The Daily Record spoke to some of the van’s first clients after they stepped on board as it parked close to Glasgow’s Barras market on a street as blighted by drug addiction as those in any city in Europe.

Glasgow, with scores of open air drug scenes close to busy shopping streets, has been pinpointed as the single most needy city in the continent for a Safer Drugs Consumption facility (SDCF).