El centro ARAS ha iniciado un llamamiento de apoyo para garantizar el suministro inmediato de metadona, ya sea en forma de donación o de compra, ya que no se prevé que las entregas esperadas lleguen al menos hasta dentro de un mes. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

In the last weeks, the complicated access to Opioid Substitution Treatment (OST) in Romania has become even more unstable. Normally, from an estimated population 10.000 people who would need access to this service, a maximun of 2.000 places are covered. However, problems with delivery have put at risk this already difficult situation. 

As a result, one Antidrug Agency Center has closed, and other organizations are experiencing already the effects of a lack of stock. For example, private organization ANIT has no pills anymore, and ARAS has been forced to halve the ratios of distribution.

Our colleagues of ARAS have launched an open call for support to ensure immediate methadone stock, either in donation, or to be bought, as deliveries are not expected to arrive at least for another month. If you or organization could be of support, please, contact ARAS or Romanian Harm Reduction Network.