Este módulo de formación proporciona una guía paso a paso sobre la educación entre pares en entornos penitenciarios. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

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Volunteer’s work on prevention is one of the ways which allows changing the process of training on HIV issues into something more interesting than just providing the information. In a way this is an attempt to change the attitude towards the problem and to motivate people to review their risk behaviour. It can also lead to removing some social barriers. A peer prisoner (volunteer) can become the only person capable of plain conversation with the other prisoners about the routes of HIV transmission and some other diseases. The result of such training is the change in people’s behaviour as well as their habits leading to

If you are planning to introduce peer education programme in prison, you may find useful the training module Step by Step. A training module on peer education in prison.

Training sessions from this module have been translated into English.

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