Ce webinaire explorera la manière dont la société civile et les communautés peuvent plaider pour des changements d’allocation du budget public pour augmenter les ressources pour la réduction des risques, y compris en réorientant les fonds alloués à l’application des lois inefficaces en matière de drogues vers des programmes qui mettent la priorité sur la santé, la communauté et la justice. Pour en savoir plus, en anglais, veuillez lire les informations ci-dessous.

Globally, governments spend over $100 billion on punitive drug law enforcement every year, and just $131 million on life-saving harm reduction. With donors withdrawing from many low- and middle-income countries and harm reduction being permanently underfunded, it is crucial that we find new and creative ways to increase domestic investment in services for people who use drugs.

The new 2021-2026 Global AIDS Strategy calls on governments to prioritise investment in HIV prevention, including harm reduction. It also calls for the removal of policies and laws that prevent people who use drugs from accessing the services they need such as the criminalisation of drug use and possession.

This webinar will explore how civil society and communities can advocate for changes in public budget allocation to increase resources for harm reduction, including by redirecting funding away from ineffective drug law enforcement to programmes that prioritise health, community and justice.

• Parina Subba Limbu, Executive Director, Dristi Nepal
• Subhan H. Panjaitan, Advocacy Coordinator, Rumah Cemara, Indonesia
• Wamala Twaibu, Executive Director, Uganda Harm Reduction Network

Moderated by:
• Naomi Burke-Shyne, Executive Director, Harm Reduction International
• Revati Chawla, Lead: Programmes, Frontline AIDS

Short interventions by:
• Jeff Acaba, Senior Programme Officer, Asia Pacific Council of AIDS Service Organisations (APCASO)
• Onesmus Mlewa Kalama, Interim Executive Director, Eastern Africa National Networks of AIDS Service Organisations (EANNASO)

The webinar is hosted by Harm Reduction International co-sponsored by UNAIDS and Frontline AIDS.

Register here:  https://bit.ly/3rUXT36