La conférence de cette année portera sur l’examen des succès antérieurs en matière de plaidoyer et l’ouverture d’un débat sur les nouveaux défis auxquels est confronté le mouvement pour la réduction des risques. Pour en savoir plus, en Anglais, veuillez lire les informations ci-dessous.

The conference programme, comprised of plenary, parallel and workshop sessions, will begin with an examination of the history of harm reduction and how pragmatism and concern for health and well-being has addressed barriers to change, including moral and political opposition, and either persuaded opponents of the merits of an approach, or at least reached an accommodation to mitigate the most damaging consequences for communities and individuals.

The event programme will also examine the challenges including developing effective policies, legislation and regulation regarding other controversial areas, such as nicotine, cannabis, safer drug use and sex work