Pour la première fois, la conférence NIGHTS 2016 à Berlin intègrera différentes perspectives pour une vie nocturne saine, sure et durable, et réunira différents intervenants du domaine. Pour en savoir plus, en anglais, veuillez lire les informations ci-dessous.

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Berlin is an attractive, fast growing city with a dynamic image. Berlin is not only popular among party goers from all over the world - the city also attracts many musicians and other artists. Dear nightlife politicians, researchers, specialists and activists – it’s time to face this reality!

For the first time the NIGHTS 2016 Berlin – STADT NACH ACHT – conference integrates several perspectives for a healthy, safe and sustainable nightlife and brings together different stakeholders in this field. Health and safety related issues as well as pleasure, culture, economic factors, tourism, urban development and nightlife policy will be an important part of the conference. The conference will create a unique space to meet each other, to share knowledge and experiences and to identify good practice. It will also be a great opportunity to set-up new networks and projects and to participate in the mystic Berlin night.

The NIGHTS 2016 conference is a co-production between the Clubcommission Berlin and the European NEWNet and is part of the Clubcommission fifteen-year jubilee, together with the community development project stadtnachacht.de.

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