Mr. Götz a souligné le rôle crucial de l’UE lors de l’UNGASS de 2016, en parlant d’une voix unique afin d’européaniser les politiques mondiales sur la drogue.  Pour en savoir plus, en anglais, veuillez lire les informations ci-dessous.

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EMCDDA Director Wolfgang Götz was at the European Parliament on 27th January 2015 for an exchange of views with European members of the Global Commission on Drug Policy ahead of the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on drugs (UNGASS 2016). 

According to Mr. Götz, at international level, the ‘EU approach’ offers one of the most humane, balanced and realistic drug policies in the world. The EU is also the only region explicitly promoting harm reduction, alternatives to imprisonment and coercive sanctions, and referring to evidence as a key element of its drug strategy. However, key challenges remain, including the rise in NPS, online drug markets, the changing nature of cannabis markets, and the lack of political interest to tackle drugs issues. As the UNGASS is approaching, the EU has a crucial role to play, "to speak with a unified and loud voice to bring 'more Europe' into world drugs policy".

My contribution to this policy debate is from the perspective of the EMCDDA, an EU agency that is tasked with supporting the decision-making process by providing neutral, non-partisan, reliable information on all aspects of the drugs phenomenon. Indeed, I firmly believe that a factual analysis of the drugs phenomenon is the point of departure for a fair debate. Our analysis of the EU drug situation reveals some positive developments — but there are also worrying challenges that will need to be tackled.

The full speach of Mr. Götz is available below.

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