Signez cette pétition, appelant les dirigeants de l'Union Européenne à réaffirmer leur engagement dans la lutte contre le sida en Europe. Pour en savoir plus, en anglais, veuillez lire les informations ci-dessous.

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The European Commission will convene in a high-level meeting with key HIV/AIDS stakeholders May 27-28 in Brussels, Belgium for the “Right to Health, Right to Life” conference.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the way forward in the European region after the current action plan on combating HIV/AIDS expires at the end of 2013.

A coalition of European AIDS organizations is calling on the European Commission to use this meeting as an opportunity to recommit itself to the fight against HIV/AIDS, TB, Hepatitis and other sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs).

We invite you to sign on to the petition urging the European Commission (EC) - including EC President Barroso - to recommit itself to the fight against HIV/AIDS, TB, Hepatitis and other STDs in Europe. 

The petition will be sent directly to the EC President and his Cabinet. The petition is for people living in Europe, EU and neighbouring countries, Ukraine and Russia included as the EU strategy affects these countries ! We are aiming at 1,000 sign-ons!


Please read the petition and if you agree with it, sign-on:

The petition is also available in Russian to make it easier for Russian speakers to sign on.

AHF Europe are planning a direct action at the EC on Monday 27th May.

What AHF Europe have prepared is:

  • digital media coverage: European Voice and EU Observer  (1 week before and after the conference)
  •  ads in the metro shelters in Schuman metro station close to EC (1 week before and after the conference)
  • banner
  • placards
  • palm cards to be distributed to civil servants on 27th May and during the conferences
  • iPad based petition to be signed by passers at the activities
  • video from the action
  • video with messages to MEPs which will be filmed on 27th May and sent directly on 28th May

 In Europe and Central Asia in 2010: 100,000 people lost their lives due to AIDS

 This is …

  • more than twice the # of the European Commission staff
  • 10 times the Brussels University student base
  • more than the whole population of Avignon
  • the combined population of Monaco, San Marino and Liechtenstein


  • develop a strategy and action plan on HIV/AIDS for 2014-2020 for Europe!
  •  fund it!
  • implement it!

Please sign this petition here! WE COUNT ON THE VOICES FROM YOUR COMMUNITIES.

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