The Asian Harm Reduction Network (AHRN) has unveiled a new strategic direction and five-year plan reflecting an updated mission for the network. Following a thorough review of its old structure and operations, AHRN has developed a new set of objectives that will guide its work over the coming years. These objectives will help to achieve AHRN's vision of a region where necessary harm reduction services and policies are in place and the human rights of drug users are fully respected.

Strategic objectives

  • To promote the scale up of humane, evidence informed harm reduction programs for people who use drugs through effective networking, information exchange, collaboration, harmonisation and quality assurance.
  • To promote and enhance development of the harm reduction movement in Asia by building a regional platform for harm reduction organizations and strengthening national harm reduction platforms.
  • To build effective collaboration and partnerships on harm reduction at national, regional, and international levels.
  • To contribute to the development and promotion of drug policies, laws and practices that are equitable, evidence based and respectful of human rights.

A fundamental principle of the 'new' AHRN is that no one organization can achieve these outcomes alone. AHRN's vision can only be achieved through the joint and collaborative actions of national harm reduction networks and organizations. The new AHRN has thus adopted a federation model for its approaches to planning, implementation and governance. National harm reduction networks and organizations will have a key role in determining the future of the network, its work priorities and its ongoing monitoring and evaluation. AHRN will exist fundamentally to serve, facilitate and support the work of its members.

Please click here to view the full strategic plan.

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