El informe resume la evidencia científica disponible en la actualidad, examinando las intervenciones y políticas que han dado lugar a resultados de prevención positivos. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

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These global International Standards report summarizes the currently available scientific evidence, describing interventions and policies that have been found to result in positive prevention outcomes and their characteristics.

Concurrently, the global International Standards identify the major components and features of an effective national drug prevention system. It is our hope that the International Standards will guide policy makers worldwide to develop programmes, policies and sy stems that are a truly effective investment in the future of children, youth, families and communities. This work builds on and recognizes the work of many other organizations (e.g. EMCDDA, CCSA, CICAD, Mentor, NIDA, WHO) which have previously developed standards and guidelines on various aspects of drug prevention.

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