El análisis de datos proporcionado en esta publicación permitirá el análisis del mercado desde la perspectiva de la demanda y la oferta, y la estimación del tamaño del mercado y de las poblaciones implicadas. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

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By Ricci R., Rossi C.

New indicators are needed to evaluate the impact of policy and programmes, whilst new models are necessary to mirror the various populations involved in the use, abuse and dealing of drugs and in order to estimate their size. Innovative data collection can provide valuable data which can help to fill the information gap. In order to acquire information about the lifestyles of “problem” drug users, their drug using career and involvement in criminal activities, a survey among residents in therapeutic communities and clients of low threshold services has been conducted in four countries: Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

The results of a pilot survey in Albania are reported as well. The data analysis provided very valuable information on lifestyles, gateway substances, typical periods in a drug using career, the involvement of drug users in criminal activities, imprisonment, the market price of substances and many other aspects which allow for the analysis of the market from the demand and supply perspective and for the estimation of the size of the market and of the populations involved.

This book was published as results of the European Project "New Methodological tools for policy and programme evaluation".

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