''Espacio para cambiar'': Castigar no es la solución


''Espacio para cambiar'': Castigar no es la solución

30 junio 2015

Esta campaña llama a soluciones políticas reales para reducir las muertes por sobredosis y de infección, eliminar el problema de las agujas desechadas y tratar la drogodependencia. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

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Sharing of injecting equipment by people who use drugs leads to infections, such as Hepatitis C or HIV. Discarded needles on the streets are not welcomed by people who live in the area. The solution does not lie in the hands of the police – arresting people who use drugs does not reduce the number of drug users, but pushes them to use in a more risky way, and to discard their needles as soon as possible. The old ways of fighting drug problems don’t work. This is a campaign to find new solutions – to provide room for change.

If we create rooms where drug users can use their drugs with sterile equipment in a supervised environment, we can reduce the risk of overdoses and infections and we can reduce nuisance and drug litter on our streets! The Room for Change campaign aims to promote pragmatic solutions to drug problems - please scroll down to find more information about problems and real solutions that have proved effective in many big cities of the world! If you agree that punishment is not the real solution, please sign this petition!

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