En abril, expertos de todo el mundo se darán cita en la capital holandesa, Ámsterdam, para intercambiar buenas prácticas y compartir lecciones relacionadas con su trabajo con personas que usan drogas, en el marco del programa internacional ‘Bridging the Gaps’. 

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From 8-10 April representatives of eight countries will get together in Amsterdam to present their achievements within the “People who Use Drugs Project” as part of the Bridging the Gaps – Health and Rights of Key Populations programme.

Exchanging best practices; sharing lessons learned; and strategizing on different themes

The following themes will be discussed during the meeting in Amsterdam:

  • Access to and quality of healthcare services for people who use drugs;

  • Integration of services into national health systems; and

  • The protection of human rights of people who use drugs

Partners involved in the project will share with each other the progress that is made in the different countries in these areas. The meeting is expected to become a good platform for all partner organisations not only for linking and learning but also for discussing and developing the strategic plan for the rest of their work within the Bridging the Gaps programme. Participants will have ample opportunities to learn from each other, to go into more depth on specific themes related to programming for people who use drugs and to consider revision of their project or adding valuable solutions initiated in countries. Finally, the participants will share thoughts on the global efforts to advocate for human rights of people who use drugs. In April, some experts will come to Amsterdam to exchange best practices and share lessons learned related to their work with and for people who use drugs as part of the international programme Bridging the Gaps.

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