The International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Africa (ICASA) is one of the major international AIDS conferences happening in Africa. Its current biennial hosting alternates between the Anglophone and Francophone African countries.  It provides a forum for exchange of experiences and lessons learnt in Africa and around the globe in responding to HIV, AIDS and STIs. It also enables consolidation of experiences gained in making evidence based informed responses to HIV/AIDS and STIs  in Africa, i.e. knowing the epidemic, its driving factors and responding accordingly in the context of Africa.

The conference expects to welcome more than 10,000 delegates from around the world working in the fields of HIV/AIDS, STIs, TB & Malaria. It will also encourage the participation of young researchers, health care workers, and community representatives from the developing world by providing scholarships. Regional and Global leaders in the field are also expected to participate in the conference.

ICASA 2011 objectives

  • Serve as an advocacy platform to mobilize African leaders, partners and the communities to increase ownership, commitment and support to the response.
  • Provide a forum for exchange of knowledge, skills and consolidation of experiences and best practices in Africa and around the globe to scale up evidence-based response on HIV/AIDS/STIs, TB and Malaria to achieve the MDGs.
  • Use as a forum to link and hold accountable political and national leaders, the scientific community, practitioners, communities, civil societies, the private sector and partners to scale-up and sustain the response. 
  • Create opportunities to define priorities and set policy and program agenda to enhance mobilization and effective utilization of resources.

All registrations for ICASA 2011 are now open. The online submission of abstracts and applications for scholarhips will close on 10 June 2011.

For more information, please visit the conference website.