El gobierno ha meditado avances hacia el desarrollo para la legislación del cannabis medicinal, basándose en los esfuerzos de activistas para reducir el estigma y promulgar usos industriales, medicinales y recreativos. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo. 

By Shashwat Pant / OnlineKhabar

When the news of two police officials being a part of a marijuana awareness fair in Dhankuta of eastern Nepal appeared on the front page of a national daily, it caused a lot of uproar among activists. As marijuana in Nepal is still deemed illegal, the police officials were apparently punished later.

This happening in the midst of the government looking at opening marijuana cultivation for medicinal purposes has started a discourse about legalising marijuana again.

While activists and industrialists want the government to start looking at legalising marijuana in Nepal completely for business purposes, the government officials say that for now, their plan is only to work on growing it for medicinal purposes. But, the activists are accelerating the advocacy.

Activists see opening the use of marijuana in Nepal, at least for medicinal purposes, as a positive thing as they believe that once it happens, they feel it might be seen as less of a taboo by the general public.