“Afirman que vendimos drogas y cometimos otros delitos que, según ellos, conllevan la pena de muerte, pero queremos que Nigeria intervenga y nos brinde otra oportunidad de vivir”. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo. 

By Soni Daniel and Victoria Ejeme

Fourteen Nigerians have already been moved to a jail in Medina apparently in preparation for the hangman’s noose.  That has sent shivers down their spines forcing them to dispatch a Save-Our-Souls message to President Muhammadu Buhari to do all within his powers to save them from being slaughtered like cows.

They were 15 in number but one of them was executed last year  as a common criminal. The manner, in which Yusuf Yakubu Ajiboye from Kwara State was arrested, hurriedly tried and subsequently killed, made them to entertain fear for their lives and came to the conclusion that the long knife was indeed awaiting them.

“We know they are preparing to kill us but before we die, we are pleading with the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to look into the charges preferred against us and see if indeed, we have been given fair hearing for the offences they claim we committed, and whether the Saudi authorities have treated us well under the law,” one of the suspects said in a leaked document made available to Saturday Vanguard from Riyadh.

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Thumbnail: CC Mehdi Hasan Khan