Según Human Rights Watch, “el Gobierno filipino debería admitir que la pena de muerte es un acto barbárico y oponerse a todo intento de restituirla”.

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An international human rights watchdog urged the Philippines to reject a measure to reinstate death penalty.

"The Philippine government should acknowledge the death penalty's barbarity and reject any moves to reinstate it," Phelim Kine, Asia deputy director at Human Rights Watch said in a statement Saturday.

Kine said the reinstatement of the death penalty will not solve the country's problem on drugs and crime. "The failure of death penalty to deter crimes is "globally recognized," Kine explained.

"It will only add to the already horrific death toll that President Rodrigo Duterte's 'war on drugs' has inflicted on Filipinos since he took office on June 30," Kine said.

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