Según los resultados de una encuesta, más de la mitad de los parlamentarios del Reino Unido es partidario de legalizar la marihuana medicinal. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

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More than half of MPs want to see the legalisation of medical marijuana, a survey has found.

The polling, which follows parliamentary debates on the issue, found that 58 per cent of MPs backed the use of cannabis for people battling health conditions.

Those supporting the move include Nick Clegg, the former deputy prime minister, and Dr Dan Poulter, a former health minister and Tory MP. 

Just 27 per cent of MPs were opposed to legalisation for medical use, the survey found.

The poll, conducted by Populus, surveyed a representative sample of 108 MPs, on behalf of  VolteFace, a group campaigning for changes public policies on drugs.

It found 60 per cent of Labour MPs supported the use of cannabis for medical reasons, along with 55 per cent of Conservatives. Support from the Scottish National Party was most dramatic, with 88 per cent of MPs in support and none of those polled expressing any opposition.

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Thumbnail:Flickr CC Cabinet Office