La ministra de Salud de Canadá declaró que el Gobierno ha creado un grupo de trabajo especial que propondrá posibles vías para regular la venta de marihuana recreativa con miras a la legalización, prevista para 2017. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

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By Medical Xpress

Canada's health minister said Thursday that the government has formed a special task force to propose ways to regulate sales of recreational marijuana ahead of legalization in 2017.

The group includes a former attorney general of Canada, an expert in pain management and cannabis therapeutics, a drug policy researcher, a law professor and a handful of ex-cops, said Health Minister Jane Philpott.

The panel will examine the production and testing of the drug, distribution and marketing, and "look at the experience of other jurisdictions" that have lifted bans on the recreational pot use, Philpott said.

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