El Día Internacional de Sensibilización sobre la Sobredosis ofrece un espacio para que las personas lloren públicamente a sus seres queridos, en algunos casos por primera vez, sin sentir culpa o vergüenza.

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International Overdose Awareness Day is part of a growing global program to help individuals, families, health professionals, and communities to recognize the signs and symptoms of overdose and know how to respond, so lives can be saved.


International Overdose Awareness Day provides an opportunity for people to publicly mourn for loved ones, some for the first time, without feeling guilt or shame.

“To my beautiful son Shawn. We will always celebrate your beautiful life, love and laugh. On Sept 20, 2012, heroin took you away from us at only 22 years old. My baby you will always be. Soar my ninja turtle, soar. And we will never forget … Still I rise. Love. Mommy.” – a loving tribute for International Overdose Awareness Day.

Find out more at www.overdoseday.com and how to be involved in your community along with the hundreds of organizations and thousands of people committed to reducing stigma associated with overdose.

There are many ways you personally and your organisation can become involved with International Overdose Awareness Day:

  • Holding events;
  • Speaking publically or through media activity;
  • Arranging for tributes from affected individuals and families;
  • Wearing the silver badge – ORDER SOME TODAY;
  • Campaigning for policy change, such as for establishing and expanding naloxone programs to prevent opioid overdose deaths.

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Wearing the badge can signify one’s personal experience of losing someone cherished or can demonstrate support for those bearing a burden of grief. 

Contact us at info@overdoseday.com if you would like any assistance or advice in framing your support for International Overdose Awareness Day.

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