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Novedades de la campaña de Youth RISE: ‘Apoyo y no castigo’

La organización Youth RISE ha puesto en marcha la segunda fase de su campaña ‘Apoyo y no castigo: protejamos a nuestra juventud’. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

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Support. Don’t Punish: Protect our Youth campaign at the end of October. As part of this second phase, we are collecting stories of how young people are impacted by the criminalisation of drugs and through punitive drug policies. We will be sharing these stories anonymously via our website and will be using them to promote evidence based, alternative approaches to criminalisation that protect the rights, health and potential of young people around the world.

Has your life been impacted by drug policies? Have you or someone close to you been arrested and imprisoned for possessing drugs? Have you or anyone you know been denied education or employment opportunities because of a drug conviction? Have you found yourself engaging in high risk behaviours because of the fear of being arrested? Have you experienced human rights violations when being detained for drugs offences? If you would like to contribute your story or the story of someone you know, please contact for more information.

Check out the guest blogs for our 'Support. Don't Punish: Protect our Youth' campaign on the websites of the Open Society Foundation, in the the blog of  MTV Staying Alive Foundation  and on IDPC's blog.

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Youth R.I.S.E es una red internacional dirigida por jóvenes que fue establecida para reducir los riesgos y los daños asociados al consumo de drogas y a las políticas de drogas entre los jóvenes. Youth R.I.S.E proporciona una plataforma de dialogo para que personas jóvenes puedan participar a las políticas que afectan a su vida.

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