IDPC Drug Policy Guide


IDPC Drug Policy Guide

15 March 2012

National policy makers engaged in the field of drug policy are working in an era of uncertainty. Simplistic ‘war on drugs’ strategies have failed in their key objectives of eradicating illicit drug markets and reducing the prevalence of drug use. At the same time, there is increasing evidence that the current drug control regime has caused severe negative consequences for development, public health and human rights. A growing number of governments are considering alternative policy options to address the harms associated with drug markets and use.

The IDPC Drug Policy Guide brings together global evidence and examples of best practice to provide guidance on the review, design and implementation of drug policies. The Guide is designed to assist national policy makers in the process of developing effective, humane and appropriate drug policies and programmes for their country. Each chapter of the Guide introduces a specific type of policy challenge, analyses existing evidence and experiences of different countries, and presents advice and recommendations for developing effective policy responses.

This is the second edition of our Guide, now available in English, Spanish, French, Indonesia Bahasa and Chinese. Like the first edition published in 2010, it was compiled through research and consultation with our global network of experts.

View the IDPC Drug Policy Guide in HTML version in English and Spanish.

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