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Regional and national advocacy

Regional and national advocacy

Demonstration by Foreningen for human narkotikapolitikk (FHN) and Prolar Nett during the 2021 Support. Don't Punish Global Day of Action.


Supporting our members at the local, national and regional levels is central to IDPC’s work. Following our membership’s leadership in this regard, we work in close cooperation to both support moves toward progressive reform and resist regressive policies and initiatives.

We do this through the organisation of workshops, strategic meetings and events; providing direct input into proposals for national policies strategies and laws; and lending our network’s support to joint statements, actions and media outreach.

Furthermore, IDPC acts as the central hub for the Support. Don’t Punish campaign, a de-centralised and grassroots-centred effort to promote sustainable alternatives to punitive drug policies. As such, IDPC leads on global fundraising, capacity development and communication efforts, and provides material and in-kind support to thousands of local campaigners worldwide.

IDPC also engages in drug policy making debates at the regional level, including at the European Union, African Union, Organization of American States and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, providing inputs on strategic documents and positions, and promoting civil society space in these multinational bodies.

We support our members’ engagement in these processes via regional work plans, and also promote cross-regional dialogues within and outside the membership.

Mobilising in solidarity with, and following the leadership of our members at the national and local level is central to IDPC's work.