Rapport d'activités de l’IDPC pour 2019-2020


Rapport d'activités de l’IDPC pour 2019-2020

7 octobre 2020

L'IDPC recense les activités réalisées entre avril 2019 et mars 2020 à travers les temps forts de l'année. Pour en savoir plus, en anglais, veuillez lire les informations ci-dessous.

The past year has been one of both consolidation and growth of the IDPC network. Despite a challenging geo-political climate and increased pressure on civil society space, there is no doubt that the drug policy reform movement continues to grow and attract new voices and allies. The IDPC Secretariat is proud and humbled to support and amplify the work of so many diverse and committed advocates from all over the world.

This is particularly visible via the Support. Don’t Punish campaign which since 2013 has built, connected and strengthened a grassroots-led movement that aims to change the narrative, reduce stigma, challenge damaging approaches, and demand policy reforms. Other highlights from the past year include facilitating the unprecedented engagement of African civil society representatives at the African Union where a bold new Plan of Action on drugs was adopted in August 2019, capacity building for Asian advocates to further leverage the UN human rights regime for government accountability in drug policy responses, and IDPC’s first ever network discussion on outlining principles for the responsible legal regulation of drugs, with a particular focus on social justice outcomes. All this and more is detailed in the publication below.

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