La New Zealand Drug Foundation fait le portrait de la situation des drogues dans le pays et suggère trois priorités clés pour améliorer les politiques des drogues. Pour en savoir plus, en Anglais, veuillez lire les informations ci-dessous.

To ensure the 52nd Parliament makes health a central focus of drug policy and law in New Zealand, the Drug Foundation has sent a comprehensive briefing to all MPs.

We are all concerned about the harm caused by drugs in New Zealand. But there are solutions. We need our politicians to see that these solutions are sensible and achievable.

We think we can achieve an Aotearoa free from drug harm, if we focus on these four priorities:

Priority 1: Keep young people in school and keep them safe.

Priority 2: Reform our laws to treat drug use as a health issue

Priority 3: Invest more effectively in prevention, harm reduction and treatment.

Priority 4: Reduce drug harm in communities and respond to emerging challenges.