L’IDPC discute des questions clés et des débats qui ont eu lieu à la première session de la CND depuis l’UNGASS de 2016. Pour en savoir plus, en anglais, veuillez lire les informations ci-dessous.

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This report aims to provide an overview of the central issues debated and discussed during this important drug control forum. With the intention of incorporating many of the human dimensions lost in more formal records of the meeting, this report includes coverage of the now regular NGO dialogues with representatives from the core UN drug control bodies and the ever-increasing number of side events. Further, in attempting to go beyond a basic descriptive account, it offers some analysis of key topics of debate, as well as emphasizing emerging issues of interest and reoccurring themes. Where appropriate, comparisons are also drawn with previous CND sessions as a means of assessing progress and continuity (or otherwise) within particular issue areas. As in previous years, a supplementary – and searchable – account of the entire session can be found on the CND Blog. This now well-established civil society initiative aims to enhance transparency within the international policy making process and provide real-time monitoring and reporting of proceedings. Official UN documentation relating to the session, including the official report of the proceedings, can be found here.

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