67ème session de la Commission sur les stupéfiants (CND)

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67ème session de la Commission sur les stupéfiants (CND)

4 octobre 2023
The Commission on Narcotic Drugs

La 67e session de la CND, y compris un segment de haut niveau pour mener l'examen à mi-parcours de la déclaration politique de 2019, aura lieu du 14 au 22 mars 2024. Pour en savoir plus, en anglais, veuillez lire les informations ci-dessous.

The 67th session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) will take place on 14-22 March 2024 in a hybrid format.

As this session marks the mid-term review of the 2019 Ministerial Declaration, it will be structured around:

  • A high-level segment, where the 2024 mid-term review will be conducted, on 14-15 March 2024.
  • A regular session, on 18-22 March 2024.

If you missed the VNGOC’s webinar on how to engage with the midterm review process, check it out here.

To register for the session, provide your organisation has ECOSOC accreditation, click here.

Webinar: Key issues and opportunities

When? Tuesday, 27 February 2024 / 14:00 (London) - Check your timezone here.

Where? Remotely on Zoom - REGISTER HERE.

This ninth edition of the IDPC webinar on the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) focuses on its 67th Session (including the mid-term review of the 2019 Ministerial Declaration), which will take place in Vienna from 14-22 March 2022.

The webinar will shed light on these and other key issues that are likely to structure the debates, discuss tabled resolutions and opportunities for engagement, and showcase the experience of IDPC network members in navigating and leveraging this forum for political advocacy.

This event will be available in English, Spanish and French.


  • Juan Fernández Ochoa (International Drug Policy Consortium - IDPC).
  • Paula Aguirre (ELEMENTA DDHH, Colombia).
  • Ruby Lawlor (Youth RISE).
  • Benjamin Tubiana-Rey (Fédération Addiction).

Side events

Civil society can only organise side events during the regular session. Only states will organise side events during the high-level segment. The period for side event applications was open from 15 - 26 January 2024. The deadline to submit information about co-sponsors is 15 February 2024.

Civil society submissions

Stakeholders' contributions for the midterm review

Stakeholders, including UN entities, international and regional organizations, as well as NGOs in consultative status with ECOSOC, can submit their contributions through this form by Monday, 5 February 2024. As there would not be any translation provided, we recommend that contributions be provided in English.

NGO papers for the 67th session of CND

Written statements can be submitted to the CND Secretariat (unodc-sgb[@]un.org) by Tuesday, 27 February. NGOs in consultative status with ECOSOC may submitte statements of up to 1,500 words. Find guidelines for written submissions here.

Informal dialogues

As in previous years, during the regular session the Vienna NGO Committee (VNGOC) will arrange Informal Dialogues with:

  • the Executive Director of UNODC,
  • the President of INCB,
  • the Chair of CND,
  • Representatives of WHO and representatives of other UN agencies (UNAIDS & OHCHR).

The date for this is still pending and will be shared in due course.

That said, feel free to submit a question per organisation per dialogue, noting there may not be time for in-person responses to each question received.

Please submit your questions before Wednesday, 15 February 2024, 23:45 CET through the online form.


IDPC expects to see a handful of resolutions tabled by Member States. The drafts will be shared in due course.

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