Conférence internationale sur l'ayahuasca 2019

CC Jairo Galvis Henao


Conférence internationale sur l'ayahuasca 2019

8 avril 2019

La troisième conférence mondiale sur l'ayahuasca exporera l'impact des pratiques d'ayahuasca sur l'individu, mais aussi sur les communautés, les sociétés et la planète. Pour en savoir plus, en Anglais, veuillez lire les informations ci-dessous.

The third World Ayahuasca Conference will explore how ayahuasca practices have an impact not only on individuals, but also on communities, societies, and this planet we call home.

The true potential offered by these sacred plants is in the possibility of transforming individual and community healing into service for the world. AYA2019 will unite us around a common vision – to build a sustainable future for plants, people and the planet.

The conference will have an important drug policy angle, with focus being placed on human rights, sustainability and indigineous rights and will host an ecclectic mix of speakers from Dennis McKenna to Julie Hannah and Civil Society organisation leaders such as Leila Salazar from Amazon Watch.