Une nouvelle vidéo illustre la stigmatisation et la marginalisation auxquelles sont exposées les femmes cultivatrices de coca en Colombie.  Pour en savoir plus, en anglais, veuillez lire les informations ci-dessous.

This video is the result of the partnership between Dejusticia and Fensuagro with the support of the Coordination of Amazonian Andean Women and the Amazon Perla Peasant Reserve Zone. For more than a year and a half the groups worked on a joint investigation that would amplify the voices of women cultivating coca in this region, make visible the triple workday that they carry out every day, the responsibilities at home, the cultivation, and the community organization. This work collects the trajectories and personal experiences of the  women, recognizes their leadership and community participation and above all the evidence that despite the difficult conditions they have built a territory where the Colombian State has been absent. This video is based on the book Voices from the Cocal.