Le commerce avec l’Europe serait affecté si les Philippines continuaient à ignorer les avertissements concernant les violations des droits humains, a avertit Franz Jessen, envoyé de l’Union Européenne à Manille. Pour en savoir plus, en anglais, veuillez lire les informations ci-dessous.

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By Jeannette I. Andrade 

Trade with Europe would be affected if the Philippines continued to ignore warnings on human rights violations, including its bloody war on illegal drugs that has led to thousands of deaths blamed on the police and vigilantes, the European Union’s envoy to Manila Franz Jessen has warned.

Jessen told a select group of reporters on Friday that Europe was not imposing United  Nations conventions on the country, but was expecting it to abide by its international commitments.

“The Philippines has ratified and therefore ensured effective compliance with core UN international conventions including human rights and good governance,” Jessen said.

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