Harm Reduction International accepte actuellement les candidatures de partenaires locaux souhaitant accueillir  la prochaine Conférence internationale sur la réduction des risques, qui sera de préférence tenue en Mai /Juin 2017. 

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In order to stage the event in cities and countries around the world, Harm Reduction International works with a local partner organisation with the willingness and capacity to co-host the event with us. It should be emphasised that co-hosting the international conference means much more than simply putting your logo on the event.

In submitting a tender to Harm Reduction International, you are formally expressing your interest in co-hosting the 2017 conference, and all that this commitment entails. The purpose of the tender is to explain how your organisation, city and country best meet the requirements necessary to stage the harm reduction conference in an accessible and cost effective manner.  The tender should detail your ideas about the 2017 conference and the impact it would have on your country/region, and should be an accurate representation of your organisation, your city/country and the capacity of both to stage Harm Reduction 2017.

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