On 9th and 10th December 2010, IDPC participated to a training course organised by the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. The training aimed to raise awareness of human rights and the right to health among Swiss professionals specialised in health, addictions and vulnerable populations.

The training course, entitled “Prevention of Discrimination within Vulnerable and Addicted Populations”, offered the 24 participants basic knowledge of the international human rights legal framework and relevant mechanisms, as well as detailed information on Swiss drug laws and fundamental rights. IDPC provided an overview of our policy and advocacy activities at the national and international level, and how human rights principles could be used as a framework for action in the drug policy arena. Several trainers, including a representative of Pro Mente Sana (an organisation promoting the rights of mental health patients) and of the Human Rights Office in Geneva, also shared their experience on how to promote the human rights of vulnerable populations and prevent potential discriminations.

The participants were also confronted to two case studies during the course, on which they were asked to provide some professional feedback on how they would manage these cases in order to ensure that human rights and the right to be free from discrimination would be fully fulfilled.