La Comisión Global de Políticas de Drogas insta a las personas líderes mundiales a revisar las convenciones internacionales de control de drogas para establecer un marco de control de drogas serio, moderno y responsable, basado en la ciencia y la evidencia y centrado en los derechos humanos. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

The report ‘Time to End Prohibition’ marks the 10th anniversary of the Global Commission on Drugs.

Ten years after the establishment of the Global Commission, the taboo on drugs has been well and truly broken. In the last decade, there were impressive reforms around the world at national and sub-national levels. More and more countries are decriminalizing drug use, adopting innovative approaches based on public health, and legalizing formerly banned substances.

Recognition is growing that prohibition has failed to achieve its goals while having a detrimental impact on our societies. At the same time, the international drug control regime, created sixty years ago and built around the idea of a ‘drug-free world’, remains in place.

In this report, the Global Commission urges global leaders to review the international drug control conventions in order to build a serious, modern and responsible drug control framework based on science and evidence and centered on human rights. It also calls for a more prominent role of the World Health Organization in the scheduling of substances and in ensuring access to controlled essential medicines.