Esta es la mayor conferencia científica abierta sobre cuestiones relacionadas con el VIH/SIDA y espera reunir a unos 6.000 delegados y delegadas de todo el mundo. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

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IAS 2015 will be a unique opportunity for all those involved in the global response to HIV, including scientists, clinicians, public health experts, community leaders, and media professionals, to meet and examine the latest scientific developments in HIV-related research, and explore how such developments can be realistically applied in implementation programmes.

In the upcoming months we will work on building a strong scientific programme. As was the case in previous editions of the IAS conference, the programme will include ground-breaking presentations from top investigators covering the four conference tracks: Basic Sciences; Clinical Sciences; Prevention Science; and Operations and Implementation Research.

In addition, a wide range of dynamic activities, such as workshops, ‘meet the expert’ sessions and symposia sessions will provide participants with opportunities to network, share best practice and present their studies in front of thousands of delegates and media representatives from around the world.

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